Vidyut Jammwal’s ‘Junglee’ concluded it’s Thailand schedule

Vidyut Jammwal’s ‘Junglee’ concluded it’s Thailand schedule

Vidyut Jammwal starrer action thriller Junglee completed it’s intense Thailand schedule, which means that most of the film is wrapped up already. Plot or script of the film is not revealed yet but it will definitely have Vidyut performing some extreme stunts, which is why proclaimed Hollywood director Chuck Russell came down to Hindi film industry to make a film. Junglee is so far the most ambitious project of Vidyut’s career as he is the lead of the film and budget is enormous in the production. Chuck was severely impressed by Indian superman Vidyut and designed an action film to shoot with him.

Chuck Russell is known for some of the classics in Hollywood like Jim Carrey starrer The Mask or Dwayne Johnson starring The Scorpion King. Years ago Chuck was highly seduced by the strong demeanor of wrestling star called The Rock and designed a project to showcase him in all his ability as a leading man in The Scorpion King. Vidyut on the other hand started with portraying a horrifying antagonist against John Abraham in Force and won several accolades for his new age villain to Hindi cinema.

Commando was the film that really established Vidyut as a powerful leading man who can do one of the most deadliest stunts in the world by himself. Few of the biggest action stars in the world are people like Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Stathon who can actually do some breathtaking actions by themselves and that’s what gives them an edge over other actors who have stunt guys to do cable work for them. Vidyut is perhaps the only true blue action hero in the history of Indian cinema who can perform courageous stunts with his own super abilities instead of getting a man to do all the work for him and getting the credit because of a close-up in the end of that fight scene. Couple other names also pop in like Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff but they are not nearly as close as Vidyut Jammwal.

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