Vidya Balan to produce and star in Indira Gandhi based web series

Vidya Balan to produce and star in Indira Gandhi based web series
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Prolific actress Vidya Balan is all set to produce a web-series on former Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi which is based upon a book by Sagarika Ghose. Indira: The most powerful Prime Minister is the name of her book which is being adapted for a series by Vidya. Speculations were that her husband Siddharth Roy Kapur will produce this venture but now Vidya has decided to do it herself under the Vidya Balan productions. She has bought the rights of the book and research procedure is going on now to make it a really compelling screenplay.

It can be a bit of a task to summarize a life as dramatic as Indira Gandhi’s in a 3 hour story which is an episodic series would do complete justice to it considering there is more than enough material about her to make her 10 series and 20 movies. Vidya is eyeing the possibility of playing the character herself as she is very keen to do so like many other actresses who would just jump on the opportunity. Manisha Koirala was going to play this character ten years earlier but the film essentially never took off and it is only a matter of surprise that a piece of cinema has not been narrated upon her already.

There have been incredible number of films inspired from the political and personal scenario of Gandhi family but surprisingly no one has attached themselves to a project which directly concerns her perhaps because of the political pressure it would on people. It is a little difficult to be critical in this country about famous people because they are immediately given a demi-god status and they go above the mere mortals hence the shades of grey in their lives are completely hidden. Actions of Indira Gandhi can be glorified or put under scrutiny depending on the narrative.

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