Veteran actor Ronald Lee Ermey passed away on Sunday

Veteran actor Ronald Lee Ermey passed away on Sunday

At the challenging age of 74, Ronald lee Ermey left the world on Sunday. He is perhaps most remembered for his portrayal of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick’s classic ‘Full Metal Jacket’. he was nominated for a golden globe award and that really kick started his entertainment field career as he went on to star in many films and television series. His first job in films was in Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now’ in which eh showed up as a pilot of he helicopter while being technical military advisor for the action.

In his early life, he was quite a mischievous kid and got arrested twice before turning 17 and he was offered to either go to jail or join the marine corps. He opted for marine corps and later spent a few years in Vietnam and later was discharged on medical grounds. He famously voiced for three parts of Toy Story and got a lot of acclaim for for Full Metal jacket. he is survived by his wife of 43 years and four children. He mostly spent a lifetime of being fit and healthy due to his military routine that never really left him.

is reputation of tough military man as established by Kubrick and his resume never got over him and stayed for his entire film career in which he was mostly stereotyped tough happily as well. He would play the tough disciplined man whose job is to scream at people and take everything in order instead of being vulnerable. In the past decade he did not work as frequently as he was in the 90’s but rather spending a lot of family time which deemed more necessary for him considering a lifetime of being busy. The legacy of his cinema or the roles he has done would be survived by the greatness of them movies.

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