Veere Di Wedding, new song, Laaj Sharam features Kareena Kapoor

Veere Di Wedding, new song, Laaj Sharam features Kareena Kapoor
Written by Abhishek Rana

A new song video, Laaj Sharam, from the movie, Veere Di Wedding has been released. The video features Kareena Kapoor, or Kalindi, also known as Veere, and her friends and family portrayed by Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Swara Bhaskar, Sumit Vyas and others. It shows the chaotic life of Veere as her wedding nears, and her family members are seen shopping around and organizing parties and functions for the couple. Kareena shows us the real confusion of her character, as she appears confused in the scenes, not able to say what she wants. We also get glimpses in the lives of Veere’s best friends, with Sonam being the most prominent, as she navigates her relationship with a man and her mother, who is pressuring her to marry.

We also see Swara, who portrays a party girl, heavy drinking and dancing. The video is striking because it introduces the characters without any contrived dialogues. There are also spots where the video is very funny, as when the elaborate swing on which Kareena and Sumeet are sitting breaks and the two falls down.

Veere Di Wedding is going to be released on June 1 2018, and is going to clash with Vikram Aditya Motewane’s Bhavesh Joshi Superhero, which stars, Sonam’s brother, Harshvardhan Kapoor. Veere di wedding is directed by Shashanka Ghosh and produced by Rhea Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor. The trailer for the movie was loved by fans and general audiences alike, and many noticed that the actress’ appeared uninhibited in the story, and were not tied to their boyfriends or husbands and even though the movie can be categorized as a chick flick, the makers have advised to not use the label when referring to it.

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