Veer Yoddha Mahabali starring Nirahua to be made in five languages

Veer Yoddha Mahabali starring Nirahua to be made in five languages
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Bhojpuri star Nirahua is currenly working on his mega production Veer Yoddha Mahabali, which sounds and looks awfully like Baahubali. It seems as though blockbuster success of Rajamouli’s film has inspired some people in Bihar to create a film based on a warrior with period setting and also design clothes like them without putting any of their thought in to it so instead of directly lifting the concept they come up with something new which is why Baahubali worked in the first place.

From Nirahua’s big hair looks to the wide landscapes with chariots, it all looks desperately similar to Baahubali except the fact that it is clearly so bad. This “ambitious” project is being made in five different languages namely Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu. Bhojpuri cinema does not have the means to pull of a project off this scale monetarily, making the poster on photoshop is one thing but actually compelling the film of this nature takes world class technicians and an extraordinary directorial mind. Prabhas was a Telugu star but now he is Pan India because of Baahubali and Nirahua is expecting the same fate in his life with this film.

Even the poster of the film look so pathetic that one can only imagine what the entire film must be like. Film is directed by Iqbal Baksh and produced by M. Ramesh Vyas. Bhojpuri cinema is perhaps the most regressive one in the world and largely does not make a coin for sense which is why someone like Nirahua who can’t act to save his own life at a gun point can even think of pulling a character like this. To play the warrior Prabhas put in years of hardwork and became a killing machine while Nirahua looks like someone who has never seen protein in his life and mostly malnourished.

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