Varun Dhawan starrer ‘October’ music tops India iTunes charts

Varun Dhawan starrer ‘October’ music tops India iTunes charts
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Music of Varun Dhawan starrer ‘October’ came like a morning breeze and stayed apart from the regular Hindi film music these days which is mostly a re-version of some old mediocre hit. Producers are coughing up bad music all over a good script to pull the crowd in the cinemas before they realize that the whole film is not really that good. ‘October’ does not fit into the norms of a regular potential blockbuster because it is clearly demanding patience from the audience which a mainstream film does not and instead serves the story in a spoon with a cherry.

Composed by Shantanu Moitra and Anupam Roy, the film accurate music of ‘October’ has topped the charts nationwide already and might stick there for some time because the compositions have a repeat value to them due to the honesty in it. All the songs including ‘Maanwa’ has been received well though usually Shoojit Sircar does not rely much on songs to express his narrative in the context. Since this is a highly romantic and poetic films, he shifted the gears a bit and utilized music to his advantage.

There are no two ways about the fact that Varun is a megastar now because his alternate content films also getting enormous attention from the audience in the first place and than being liked on the merit of it. His last blockbuster ‘Judwaa 2’ did insane bank on the box office but was criticized over his over the top content and still the trailer of ‘October’ was received with a lot of warmth which suggests that audience are on his side of the ring and they want him to do well for them. An actor is a person’s growth being defined in characters but a star is always chosen by the people and one may say that Varun has locked the deal.

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