Varun Dhawan got Armaan Malik to sing for ‘October’, song to release on this day

Varun Dhawan got Armaan Malik to sing for ‘October’, song to release on this day
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Varun Dhawan started a little campaign for the promotion of his upcoming film ‘October’ where he asked people on Twitter about who should sing the first song for the film. Varun is known for his outlandish film promotion strategies and perhaps second only to Shahrukh Khan who stops at nothing to tell people about his upcoming in every possible way. Even the music labels who produce records don’t take a public vote about who should sing the songs because there are detailing in every tune that only a few singers can fit which is why they have professionals called music directors to take that call.

Anyways, Varun did it regardless and many people spoke that Armaan Malik should sing one for October as he always wanted to sing for Varun. In a special turn of events, Armaan is now singing a song called ‘Theher Jaa’ from the film which will be out on 21 March. To understand the scenario completely, October is in realistic zone of the film which is why it may not have a lip-sync song hence it could have not been shot earlier. Since the makers are expecting to release a video in four days, it means that they are gonna have to edit a situation in the film that quick with a song. Now nothing in the world is impossible but usually this is not how film-making works but Varun’s marketing sure worked.

Trailer of the film was released recently to much appreciation as it looked just beautiful and the film will be out on 13 April. They shot the film in 37 days straight and the story is quite personal to the makers. Varun really chased after Shoojit to be in this filmand even gave up half his fees to make sure that the film eventually stays in budget instead of getting burdened by his stardom.

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