Varun Dhawan charged with E-Challan by Mumbai Police

Varun Dhawan charged with E-Challan by Mumbai Police

Varun Dhawan was charged with an E-Challan by Mumbai Police, after he was caught on camera leaning out of his car to share a selfie with a fan. The photograph of this incident was taken and then sent to the Mumbai Police, who then called Varun out on Social Media, tweeting at him that he was being irresponsible with his security and should expect an E-challan to be delivered to his house. Mumbai Police’s tweet went viral after it was posted, and Varun’s reply came after 25 minutes, in which he apologized for his behaviour and told them that the cars had stopped at red light and no one was in danger.

Mumbai Police then replied to him wittily, stating that even though it was wrong for Varun to act like that, given his popularity, they still appreciate him for apologizing.

The Mumbai Police then pinned the tweet on its page. It was praised for its wits and smarts, telling an actor as it was without completely humiliating him. It also helped set an example for anyone who tries to take a selfie and leans out of their vehicle during traffic, as even though no one is moving, accidents can happen unexpectedly.


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