Uppu Huli Khara movie review: A smart political fable

Uppu Huli Khara movie review: A smart political fable

Uppu Huli Khara is directed by Imran Sardhariya, and stars Sashi Devraj and Malashri. Teh screenplay for the movie was written by Imran Sardhariya. The movie is about a robbery, and how a police man tries to find the culprit. He gets a call from a girl, who tells her that three boys are responsible for the robbery, and as the policeman catches them, the media attention descends and the situations becomes even more blown up due to the attention given to it. There is interference from different political parties and people who want to use the case as a means for their own profit. The movie takes many twists and turns as the policeman decides what to do next in the havoc created by a single robbery.

The movie is very astute examination of the politics of India, and how our politicians jump on certain cases to make their names and promote their causes while justice is never given to the real culprits.

All the actors in the movie are great, especially the lead, Sashi Devraj who is fully committed to the role and carries the film with ease. The supporting players are also very good and the movie has great cinematography and music too. I recommend it for people who are looking for something entertaining but thought provoking.



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