Tumhari Sulu trailer released: Vidya Balan becomes a radio jockey!!!

The trialer for Tumhari sulu, starring Vidya Balan as a housewife who gets a job as a radio jockey and which is directed by Suresh Triveni, has been released. Yesterday, T-series released the striking poster  for it and the hype for the comedy movie has been building ever since, so the arrival of the full trailer should be a treat for the fans, and it looks to be like another winner character for Vidya. The movie also stars Neha Dhupia and Manav Kaul, and is scheduled to be released on 17 November. The trailer is very well cut, and seems to be very funny and dramatic at the same time.

Vidya again seems to be giving a wonderful performance, with hiting all the right notes between being peppy and vulnerable.

The trailer starts off portraying Sulu as an oridnary housewife who wins contests that are featured in the radio shows. She has a loving relationship with her husband and son. But then, she gets a chance to be on a radio show of her own “Saari Wali Bhabhi late night show” by Neha Dhupia’s Maria, and a wonderful scenario of comedy ensues, with Sulu getting more and more attention for her show and her voice.

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