Tumhari Sulu new song: Manva likes to fly will make you want to dance

Tumhari Sulu new song: Manva likes to fly will make you want to dance
Written by Abhishek Rana

Tumhari Sulu is a comedy drama movie directed by Suresh Triveni and stars Vidya Balan, as a housewife, Sulochana/ Sulu, who unexpectedly lands a job as a radio jockey. It is one of the most anticipated movie of this month, because of its impressive concept and Vidya Balan, who is perhaps the best actress in Bollywood. The movie released a song, Hawa Hawai, which was based on the classic movie Mr. India and had been performed by Sridevi. After it went viral and became a superhit, a new song, titled, Manva likes to fly, has been released and it is as great as the first one.

The video song features Vidya, as Sulu, as she navigates her professional and personal life and there’s no fake worry in her. The song is a joyous celebration of a woman who loves her family and work. The video also features snippets from the movie and it looks like this is going to be Vidya’s first comedy movie, after a string of dramatic roles.

Tumhari Sulu is going to be released on 17 November 2017, and is looking very exciting. A different look into the world of a housewife who dreams of being better, and actually does it is a great thing to see.

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