Tumhari Sulu movie review: Vidya Balan shine in this simple, beautiful comedy

Tumhari Sulu movie review: Vidya Balan shine in this simple, beautiful comedy
Written by Abhishek Rana

Vidya Balan is one of the best actress’ in Bollywood, and yet, she’s mostly known for her dramatic skills, having given one of her performances in the Dirty Picture, Kahaani, and Ishkiyaa. But, people might be mistaken if they think she’s not versatile, because as Sulochana or Sulu as she’s frequently called in the movie, Vidya showcases a comedic side of her that’s both original, infectious and most of all, witty. The movie itself is very intelligent and full of life, featuring great supporting performances from Neha Dhupia, Malishka Mendosa and Manav Kaul. Its the story of a housewife who becomes a radio jockey, and her experiences with her family, friends and colleagues.

Most of all, the movie is never condescending to the normal people, and it concerned with their struggles and will power to wish more from life. There are no action set pieces and item songs to keep the audiences hooked to their seats, but Tumhari Sulu remains interesting and thrilling because it holds on to the truth of life.

Director Suresh Triveni has knack for authentic dialogue and keeps the realism up, even as the movie veers to the unrealistic sometimes.  But, in the end, the feelings and emotions felt by Sulu are so real they can’t be sidelined, and are thus absolutely worth watching.


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