Trisha debuts in Malayalam with Hey Jude, trailer out now

Trisha debuts in Malayalam with Hey Jude, trailer out now

Trailer of Hey Jude is out now and Trisha finally debuts in Malayalam film industry. Hey Jude is a family romantic musical starring Nivin Pauly in the lead role as Jude. Film focuses on 2 Christian families in Kerala, who consist of 2 lovers Nivin and Trisha. Nivin plays a shy guy who can’t come to terms with the fact that he has fallen for this love, who is also reciprocating his feelings but not confront the monster called love and family seems to be a tall order for him. Trisha on the other hand plays an open minded chilled out chick, who is constantly nagging Nivin to confront the love which is blooming between them and not run away from it.

In the middle of romantic congestion, there is a dysfunctional family, who can’t relate with each other’s thinking on many levels hence they argument never stops. The character of Nivin finds himself in the center of this drama, weight of which is difficult for him to carry on his shoulder.  Nivin seems to be a guy who spends most amount of time with himself and is introvert by nature but with the entry of Trisha’s character in his life he has to break away from being a lifetime of himself.

Trailer of the film has beautiful soulful music composed by 4 different composers in the film all of which have worked Shyamaprasad at one point or the other in his career. Blissful background score of the film is given by Ouseppachan and he uses a lot of violin to run through his melodies on both sad and happy notes. Film is written by Nirmal Sahadev, who is considered to be one of the most prolific writers of Malayalam cinema. Script of the film is very realistic nature and deals mostly with everyday problems in the life of people.

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