The trailer of Tubelight featuring Salman Khan has an emotional appeal

The trailer of Tubelight featuring Salman Khan has an emotional appeal
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Tubelight, the most awaited movie of Salman Khan made a bit of appearance by releasing the teaser. The movie Tubelight which has Indo-China war as its backdrop is scheduled for an Eid release. Until now the makers have given enough reasons to the movie buffs to keep them excited and hanging around for the day when this Salman Khan film will finally hit the theatres.

Now that the release date of the teaser has been announced, we think whether we will get to see a glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan who plays a cameo in the film or will it just be about Salman Khan. But if the directors have promised of bringing both the khans together then it might not be fake.

Tubelight teaser, in that sense, has a rare appeal as it takes you on an emotional journey of a man in the face of an ongoing Indo-Sino war. There are many such reasons because of which people will want to watch this movie. The movie has human emotions it it. When was the last time you saw a Hindi movie exploring the themes of war, longing and human bonding? While Hollywood has given several iconic war dramas, Bollywood in recent times is yet to explore that genre.

The story of humans affected by consequences of war is something Indian viewers wouldn’t mind watching. The teaser provided a perfect emotional match up. The film also promises to give some complex wrap up of human emotions and relationships.

The next thing we see in the teaser of the movie is the enormous bond between Kabir Khan and Salman Khan. Salman’s off-screen persona of a large-hearted guy with small family goals comes to the fore in Kabir Khan’s films. We love Salman doing different roles in films like Wanted and Dabangg, but Kabir makes him do wonders and it will be another opportunity to watch that magic unleash on screen.


The most interesting thing in the movie Tubelight is the comeback of old friends Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. The directors of the film have confirmed that the original story is inspired by Little Boy. Shah Rukh Khan is playing the role of a magician who helps Salman find his brother.

The most amazing part is the entry of debutants in the movie that too from the Hollywood industry. Chinese actress Zhu Zhu is also part of the film. Though she appears briefly, her presence in the film is enough to generate curiosity. Salman’s bonding with child actor Matin Ray Tangu is also another reason to watch the film. Besides this, the film also stars a series of brilliant actors including Om Puri.

Salman Khan is also famous for his friendship with children. In this movie also, Salman Khan will be seen with a child actor named Martin Ray Tangu who is also a chinese star.

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There are many such reasons to watch Salman Khan’s movies. Moreover people don’t require any reason to watch his films.

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