Toughening up of H1B visa will impact Indian IT

Toughening up of H1B visa will impact Indian IT

H1B visa approval gets tougher as the new policy from trump administration will make it difficult for immigrants to get the approval as they are going for third party work sites from Indian IT, which generally is a common phenomenon. The policy came a week before the H1B visa approval year begins on 2 April and the policy demands particular notice from the third parties who are employing the employees for a specific and non-speculative work permit for a particular period of time.

H1B could only be extended up to 3 years and if the American company fires the employee before the due date of work period than the employee would be on bench in a foreign country with no work and the visa will be eliminated as quickly as possible only to deport the person back to their country. This new policy is generally accepting fewer applications which would affect the business of many not only in India but America as well because many companies out there of travel and commercial sector which are highly dependent on Indian IT workers to get their work done.

Trump’s administration is generally not the most welcoming towards the immigrants as most of their focus lies upon providing as many job opportunities to Americans as possible but silicon valley is not impressed with this concept because they can use talent from around the world and America attracts the world in terms of opportunities and pay wage. It is unbelievable how that government is slowly closing doors each day in the capacity they can for the people from foreign land which just shows that there are insecure people in power making things difficult for their own country. Since the visa application procedure has gotten tougher and lengthy some people are bound to not be able to get their application approved and miss on many opportunities that were more readily available before.

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