Touch Chesi Chudu movie review: Ravi Teja with all his might, worthless

Touch Chesi Chudu movie review: Ravi Teja with all his might, worthless

Touch Chesi Chudu could easily be called as Ravi Teja’s one of the last attempts to make sure that his career does not end in a premature way. Touch Chesi Chudu is the story of a cop who is a part outlaw himself like literally all the heroes of Telugu cinema and this guy operates his vision wherever he wishes to and does not wear his uniform even in the time of chaos. Plot of the film is inspired from a million other films with different names from Telugu cinema only.

Ravi Teja gives these long monologues on bravery and patriotism by looking in the camera and expecting the theater audience to erupt, which they will but not in a large capacity. Ravi is only half of a movie star on his great day and a sad film like this will only take down the other half as the audience is not as forgiving as it use to be and the prime example of this would be Pawan Kalyan’s latest disaster Agnyaathvaasi which should be the wake up call for other actors to start and get hold of their films instead of depending on the mercy of audience.

Vikram Sirikonda’s direction is highly mediocre as he mostly focuses on the slow motion shots during action and does not come up with anything new in the genre at all. Screenplay of the film is again very basic with only one plot point of conflict for 2 and a half hours because most of the film is relied upon musical set pieces in combination with unnecessary action sequences. Music of the film is roaring with electric guitars trying to compensate for the lack of adrenaline in the narration itself while editing tries really hard to hold the film together and gives it a bearable pace. Overall this film can be avoided in cinema theaters just like in life.

touch chesi chodu movie review

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