Tom Cruise’s upcoming Mission Impossible title and release date revealed

Tom Cruise’s upcoming Mission Impossible title and release date revealed

Tom Cruise’s action thriller franchise Mission Impossible is coming up with it’s next part which is called ‘Mission Impossible Fallout’. Star cast of this one includes superman Henry Cavills as well doing death defying stunts with none other than Cruise himself. In the first look of the film, Cruise could be seen nearly falling off from a helicopter in his classic all black attire. Release date of the film is announced to be on 27 July, 2018 which suggests that trailers will be started dropping very soon.

Started in 1996, this is Tom Cruise’s sixth outing as agent Ethan Hunt in over 2 decades now. In the promotional interviews of his last film The Mummy, Cruise revealed that he is preparing for a stunt for over an year and it could be the most grand stunt performed by an actor. For his fourth film Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Tom actually hung himself from the top of world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and performed inhuman stunts from the height that nobody has done before. Cruise is a real deal and an adrenaline junkie hence little to nothing for his body double and beats death by himself.

To push the barrier further ahead from his fourth film, in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Cruise reacted himself on the side of an actual flying plane and stayed there for the cause of stunt for a real long time. In order to get all the camera angles correct, Cruise did the stunt more than four times and came out with flying colors. Cruise excels in drama films as much as action but that’s where he started his career from hence he decided to come up with a sequel to the film that made him a superstar over night by the name Top Gun. Sequel to Top Gun is titled Top Gun: Maverick, which is the name of Cruise’s character in the film.

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