Thupparivaalan movie review: Mysskin Tamil detective thriller with drama

Thupparivaalan movie review: Mysskin Tamil detective thriller with drama

Thupparivaalan movie is Tamil detective thriller that is written and directed by Mysskin. And it is produced by Vishal who also appears in lead role. We all know that detective story based movies are less in Tamil Cinema with needless action and hero uttering punchlines. Although Tamil Cinema is famous for action, romance, and thriller, it has somehow lacking behind some suspense kind of movies. So, to overcome that issue of Tamil Cinema Mysskin is here with Thupparivaalan movie that has several twists along with detective drama. It speaks a lot of drama and emotions elements with a typical story. And the signature style of Mysskin is visible in every frame and scene of the movie.

The plot of Thupparivaalan movie is well etched out detective thriller that engages you throughout the end with a lot of suspense and drama. It seems that Thupparivaalan inspired by the popular crime stories of Sherlock Holmes. The director Mysskin adapts the style of Sherlock Holmes kind of movie to suit the mind of the local audience. It is a mainstream product that keeps the audience engaged with a lot of suspenseful moments.

Thupparivaalan movie contains fast paced screenplay along with all the interesting, dramatic and entertaining attributes. The dialogues, cinematography, and music of the movie are just apt and amazing. It is the best combination that portrays commercial main stream hero and a dark-cult film maker ideas with full dramatic detective thriller.

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