Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri movie review: A powerful movie about grief

Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri movie review: A powerful movie about grief

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, directed by Martin Mcdonagh, and starring Frances Mcdormand, Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell has become one of the frontrunners for the Academy awards this year, and Frances is likely to take the Oscar for best actress home. But, it has also proved to be an intensely controversial movie, with some critics finding the movie racist and and problematic. Now, after seeing the movie, the opinion is that yes, the movie is problematic at some points, but it is also powerful. The movie is the story of Mildred Hayes, a woman who decides to take matters in her own hands after the police fails to catch the culprit of her daughter’s rape and murder.

She puts up three billboards at the side of the road, paints them red and ask the police chief of the town as to why there hasn’t been no justice yet. Frances, as Mildred is just masterful. She is steely yet heartbreaking; on the verge of a breakdown but also lethal and dangerous. Its a perfect performance and she is deserving of all the awards that she has gotten yet. Woody Harrelson is good too, as the Police Chief who becomes the main reason of Mildred’s ire and Sam Rockwell is delightful, but unnerving as the racist cop.

The movie, in the end, is about a woman’s grief. Yes, there is a sympathetic arc for a racist cop and black characters aren’t given too many scenes, thus making the movie more about the cop than their problems, which is an oversight of the screen writer, Martin Mcdonagh himself. The movie might not be the best from the nominated pack, but its certainly a great vehicle for the uber talented Mcdormand, who plays the character with utter, heart wrenching humanity.

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