Tholi Prema movie review: Bundle of echoes from other films

Tholi Prema movie review: Bundle of echoes from other films
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Tholi Prema is essentially a college love story of two people that goes beyond the time of innocence in to the elderly part of their lives in the quest of love and fulfillment of memories that are unbroken lying on the floor due to certain incidents that tore them apart but film is designed in a way that their separation was a writing on the wall or a vow from the sky just waiting to be fulfilled in the already stereotypical screenplay of the film, which basically makes it really predictable.

A young boy saw this girl in a standing train and got the kick of his life only to meet her in college and straight up telling he that she needs to confess her love to him instead of this being the other way around and as the destiny plays a part, the girl falls for him due to his acts of courage and valor to local guns but in general he is quite a spineless man who could not keep his promise together and instead blamed the destiny for everything only to lie a life of leisure and isolation.

After passing out from college he achieved everything a man can an can not even hope for but that did not cure the loss of love he has in his life and destiny decides to play a part here when this girl comes back to him in the older age and both of them were initially suppose to be smarter and mature with their decisions which is so clearly not the case because the desperation between both of them especially the boy has grown to be simply immense which is why it was difficult for him to curve out a decent behavior full of niceness and politeness but this happens to be the scenario. Overall this film is an average one time watch.

Tholi Prema movie review

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