The Voice of India Kids to begin airing on television on 11 November 2017

The Voice of India Kids to begin airing on television on 11 November 2017

A next, entertainment talent show for your kids and family is set to debut on the Indian television. The Voice of India Kids will be premiering on 11 November 2017, at 9 PM, from Saturday to Sunday each week. The show will premiere on andTV, and is a very good opportunity for the little kids to make their names and show their talents to the world. The show is a singing competition and will be watched by many people because it inspires them to make their children even more talented and to foster that talent so that they can also come to a show like this and be recognized from the audiences.

The show will be judged by esteemed and famous singers like Shaan, Himesh Rashamiya, Papon and Palak Muchhal. The contestants will be aged from 7-14 years.

The show is one of the most anticipated televisions of the month and will be appreciated by people who want to see some family friendly affair that is entertaining and also inspires their children.

Jay Bhanushali will be hosting the show and it is guaranteed that it will be a very funny and enjoyable season. which will be marked with great performances from very talented set of children.

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