The Snowman movie review: Dumb thriller fails to excite or terrorize

The Snowman movie review: Dumb thriller fails to excite or terrorize

The Snowman is one of the worst movies of the year, not because it is bad (though it is) but because the story which had so much potential has been butchered and dumbed down for the general public, and still manages to be an incomprehensible mess. The Snowman is directed by Tomas Alfredson, and stars Michael Fassbender, as Harry Hole, an elite crime squad detective, and Rebecca Fergueson as Katrine Bratt, an agent, as the two get involved in the case of a serial killer who is killing pregnant women and putting their heads atop snowmen. The movie is based on the bestseller novel of the same name, written by Jo Nesbo. This movie is ridiculous.

But sometimes, even bad movies are entertaining in their baffling badness, they’re the ones we watch and laugh at, but The Snowman can’t even be bothered to elicit such strong feelings, it just lads with a thud and makes you roll your eyes at the screen before you.

There’s no tension in the story, and the modus operandi of the serial killer is so laughable, it deserves to be an internet meme, but even the serial killer isn’t interesting enough. The clues aren’t clever and there are times when the audience can’t figure out how the detective found about them, there are surely some pieces missing from the entire movie, and even Alfredson has commented about it.

So, save your time and don’t go to watch this movie. You might as well stay at home and watch a better made series about mass murders and clever, genius detective.

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