The Greatest Showman movie review: Hugh Jackman’s troop and career full of misfits

The Greatest Showman movie review: Hugh Jackman’s troop and career full of misfits

The Greatest Showman is inspired by P.T. Barnum’s story of starting The Barnum and Bailey Circus starring Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. In 2017, Hugh Jackman finally bid adieu to Wolverine in Logan and perhaps the time for him has to come start lifting scripts than dead weights. In a career that has spanned about 2 decades except Wolverine Hugh has mostly done forgetful films. His filmography would have The Prestige, Prisoners and Les Miserable as non Logan films to be good and The Greatest Showman almost does nothing to contribute to this. Any story is only told when it has a conflict related to it and makers of this one sort of missed that part in the abyss of glitz.

Ideally the story is suppose to be inspiring of how a man rose to stardom with this troop of misfits who were thought of as waste in the society but P.T. Barnum saw talented individuals in them and put on an elaborated circus/musical. The show Barnum put up must have been far more interesting than the screenplay of the film as it is very broken in parts and loose bound. Dialogues of this film are mostly forgetful but fancy detailed production is extraordinary.

Film has a considerable number of musical pieces and Jackman does a wonderful job pulling it off. Jackman comes from theater where he performed musical for years but it is not the case with Zac Efron. Zac is not much of a singer but the dancing rhythm on that man is extraordinary. Almost all the actors in the film have done a real good job trying to carry this near dead screenplay filled with musical but a performance can’t be better than the role itself. Michael Gracey’s direction makes the film watchable and the movement of his camera has almost the rhythm of the music itself. Overall this film can be a one time watch but nothing great will come out of it.

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