The Commuter movie review: Liam Neeson same old, like every time, yet again

The Commuter movie review: Liam Neeson same old, like every time, yet again

Liam Neeson brings us his new film The Commuter which is anything but new other than it’s intrinsic plot. It seems as though Liam has taken it upon himself to give careers to every bad action movie director maybe because the studio pays a little much for these supposedly commercial vehicles and audience does not get sick of it. Starting with Taken, which was a cult Liam has not stepped back for a second to actually read a script and than decide if he wants to pull off the project. Every film of his is as uninteresting as last one, which makes it worse when put in a sequence.

Liam plays an insurance salesman in the film who has been commuting the same route in one particular train for 10 years but one fine day an interesting lady who is interested in human behavior walks up to him and asks him to save a person who would not make it end to this journey and for that he can pick up a bundle of money from bathroom upon taking the money he realizes that he is a part of a much elaborated plan and is under the gun of cops now as he was plotted.

As soon as this weird lady walks out after giving him this weirder challenge, he does not even blink an eye and straight up goes for it despite of the fact that he is the most boring person with an uninteresting lifestyle and has been for years but it did not took him a minute to change his character and patter of thinking altogether. This character has close to no conflict in him of his own actions and is just going by as plan as taking him into a direction which is the most unlikely event of his life but he is not even shocked. Film is simply not good enough to break a buck for in cinemas.

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