The Black Prince Movie Review: A Tragic Yet Enthralling True Story

The Black Prince Movie Review: A Tragic Yet Enthralling True Story
Written by Ravleen Chawla

Punjabi Movie, The Black Prince, a historical drama based on the emotional life story of the last king of Punjab, Maharaja Duleep Singh, the ill-fated last King of Punjab. Cast to represent the man at the centre of this movie is foremost time Punjabi poet as well as Punjabi singer  Satinder Sartaaj, who was keen to break into a different creative field.  The movie also features The veteran actress Shabana Azmi and was honoured the Special Jury Remi Award at the 50th annual Worldfest Houston International Film Festival.  The movie furthermore features Jason Flemyng, Keith Duffy, Canadian actor Rup Magon, David Essex OBE, Amanda Root and Sophie Stevens.

The Black Prince story revolves around The King, Maharaja Duleep Singh, who was positioned on the throne at the age of five merely to be taken off his throne by a bloody betrayal at the hands of trusted courtiers. He was afterwards torn from his mother and taken to England at age fifteen by the British. Whereas, in England, he was introduced to Queen Victoria, who took an instant liking to him and calling him “The Black Prince”. He was instructed into Christianity and baptised, altering his life everlastingly.

Meeting his mother yet again following thirteen years, the Maharaja awakens to the veracity of his former life in Punjab. He after that begins the arduous journey to recoup all that was lost and re-embraces the faith of his birth, Sikhism. Tattered amid his two worlds, The Black Prince starts an enduring struggle to recover his Kingdom. It takes him on an unusual journey across the world.

Maharaja Duleep Singh is a broadly misunderstood person and an unsung hero whose sacrifices and patriotism has gone unobserved. As the movie based on true historical facts shall set the record right the making of it has enlightened Sartaaj in countless ways too.

Out-of-the-way from the influential historical and cultural weight of the story, the Punjabi movie The Black Prince is not firmly a Sikh thing. At its spirit, it is a broader tale concerning a man’s struggles and necessitates for redemption. In the Punjabi Version of the Movie The Black Prince there are in all two songs which are written and sung by Punjabi singer Satinder Sartaaj. He makes his debut duet song with ‘Beet Janiyan’ in the film.

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