The Test Case trailer: Nimrat Kaur is searing in the new look from the web series

The Test Case trailer: Nimrat Kaur is searing in the new look from the web series

The trailer for the new Indian web series, The Test case has been released, starring Nimrat Kaur and Juhi Chawala, and it seems to be another powerful woman driven drama from the famed Balaji films. The web series is scheduled to be released on Republic Day, 26 January 2018. As the trailer shows, The Test Case is about the first female in a combat role in the Indian Army. Juhi Chawala plays the Defense Minister, and we get only a glimpse of her. The snipped is really engaging, and what one might think is an obvious and cliched story of female triumphant quickly turns into something more interesting and considerably darker. It will surely be watched by a lot of people on the ALT Balaji app.

Nimrat Kaur, one of the most acclaimed female actress’ in India seems to be giving a great performance in the series. It can also give people opportunity to try something new, as the soap operas on Television don’t always have the kind of talent involved in them and aren’t hyped so much. If the show delivers, it could be another hit for the production company and an encouragement for people to make more female centric stories.

There had been some conflict in the production of the series, as the Nagesh Kukunoor, the director who was going to direct the whole series was fired because of artistic differences and Vinay Waikul replaced him for the rest of the episodes.

The trailer has been very well recieved from the audiences who have praised the visuals, the story line and the performance of Nimrat Kaur. It also helps that they have been waiting for the series for a long time and now that it is going to be released soon, the interest is on its highest peak.


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