Telugu actor Samrat Reddy arrested for theft after wife lodged complaint

Telugu actor Samrat Reddy arrested for theft after wife lodged complaint

Telugu Actor Samrat Reddy, also known as Gus Krishna Reddy was arrested by the Hyderabad police today, after his wife, K Haritha Reddy,  lodged a complaint of theft against him. According to the reports, the actor had allegedly entered his wife’s home without her knowledge or any prior message that he was coming to meet her. He also broke the CCTV camera and stole materials that are worth 2 Lakhs. Both Reddy and Haritha have been living separately because of some contention in their marriage. They’d married in 2015, but soon, news began to erupted from sources that Reddy had harrased his wife in relation to dowry, after which they separated from each other.

Haritha has since then, said that Reddy had demanded to know about her properties and even to transfer them to him as well. The police have booked Reddy under the following sections: 448 (Punishment for house tresspass), 427 (Mischief causing damage to the amount of fifty rupees) and 380 (Theft in house dwelling).

Madhapur Inspector R Kalinga Rao spoke about the incident to the media, he said that Haritha had been staying at Reddy’s house, as they had previously agreed upon. But, she wasn’t present at home on 13 January, as she has gone to a vacation, when Reddy and his sister, broke into the house, and took away many valuable things, including the CCTV cameras. The complaint was lodged on January 25th. Conincidentally, it was only a day after the court had given Reddy anticipatory bail in the dowry case.

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