Teera Intezaar teaser: Sunny Leone sizzles in the romantic thriller

Teera Intezaar teaser: Sunny Leone sizzles in the romantic thriller
Written by Abhishek Rana

Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan have teamed up for this romantic thriller directed by Rajeev Walia and a small teaser for the movie was released. The small teaser shows Sunny and Arbaaz experiencing romantic bliss, until, with a shock, Arbaaz vanishes and Sunny tries to find him, while she also encounters other people on the quest and begins to question if he ever loved or if this was a trap. The teaser looks trashy and romantic and entertaining. The movie also looks to be beautifully shot, since it was shot in Kutch and some of the locations look realistic and very cinematic.

The movie is scheduled to be released on 24th November 2017, and has all the fans of Leone hyped up for it. It also featuers actress Sudha Chandranan and Gauhar Khan, both of whom have made their names in dramatic roles and have collected acclaim from indie to blockbuster movies and their addition to this project will give it more serious edge that Leone can’t deliver on her own.

Still, the teaser is very intriguing and soon we’ll be getting a full length trailer that’ll give us a broader idea of the mystery of the movie and the characters.

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