‘Taramani’ is a Tamil movie based around the director Ram’s own life

‘Taramani’ is a Tamil movie based around the director Ram’s own life

The director Ram who is best known for critically acclaimed Tamil movies like Kattradhu Tamizh and Thanga Meengal says that his upcoming movie Taramani is inspired by everything he sees around him. Starring Vasanth Ravi and singer-actress Andrea Jeremiah, the film is slated for release on Friday.

“I live in an apartment and ‘Taramani’ is inspired and is the interpretation of the things I see in and around my apartment, the world around me and the prevailing culture among the youngsters and their mindset about life and relationship,” Ram told IANS. The film takes a look at society and modern-day relationship in the age of globalization. “I think due to globalisation there is more freedom to today’s Tamil women and because of that our men are caught up between a modern and conservative mindset in understanding their partner. My film throws the spotlight on this perspective,” he said. In Chennai, Taramani refers to the locality where people working in Information Technology (IT) sector usually live.

Ram’s film goes beyond IT crowd. ” ‘Taramani’ is not just about IT sector population, it is actually multi-cultural, multi-layered and multi-dimensional representing the youngster’s life and mindset in general. ‘Taramani’ will be a slice-of-life story of every youngster,” he added. Heaping praise on Andrea, whom he considers a terrific performer, Ram said, “She will be considered for major projects post the release of ‘Taramani’. I haven’t seen such a strong performer and she has played her role to the tee.”

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