Tamil Actress Priyanka commits suicide at home in Chennai

Tamil Actress Priyanka commits suicide at home in Chennai

Tamil Television actress Priyanka committed suicide on Wednesday at her home in Chennai. She hung herself from a fan in her flat, which is situated in Valasaravakam. The reports suggest that she might have been forced to take her own life because of tensions in her family life. She married Arunbala in 2015,  but the couple had been separated for few months because of strains in the relationship, due to differences in their opinions and personality. Priyanka was extremely popular on Television, and gained public awareness with the show, Jyothika, in which she was paired alongside, actor Ramya Krishna.

The show was quite popular among the audiences, and was on air from 2013 to 2017. She has been part of other shows too, and was quite a visible on the public consciousness. The social media erupted in shock when the news of Priyanka’s demise was announced, as it took everyone by surprise. They expressed sadness about the departure of the actress, and raised awareness about the life of the actress, and what might have compelled her to take her life. A few months ago, Telugu news anchor Radhika Reddy had also committed suicide.

There should be more discussion about mental health issues so that people have knowledge about how to deal with matters that are out of their control but can be treated. If only people seek help and go to a psychiatrist to talk about their emotional and psychological state, it is going to benefit them greatly in the long term of time, because they’ll be better equipped for dealing with their problems. The loss of Priyanka is another reason why we should be more supportive of the people around us and hold them close, so that we know if they have any kind of difficulty in leading their lives.


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