Tagaru movie review: Gore and blood all around without a reason

Tagaru movie review: Gore and blood all around without a reason

Makers of this film are under the soft illusion that people come in the cinema to see blood dripping in as many ways as possible because action films work though they underestimated the whole concept of emotion which connects with the audience. This film is there to showcase the most horrible ways to kill or torture a person and in all seriousness one can call it a digital book on how to murder at best but it can not be a film for any strata of the society whatsoever.

Incompetency of some film makers is at such extreme point that they almost want to be ridiculed by people when their films release because they know they can’t be over it and actually make a sensible piece of cinema. Under no circumstance will anyone be ever able to understand as to why this film is made except to get some profit from the box office collections. It is like investing in property, one has no hear in it they are just waiting for the rates to go up so that they can sell it some profit but it is no way to conceptualize a film.

Oddly enough film has absolutely no script whatsoever but a bunch of characters who are randomly killing people in as many different ways as possible which means that it is safe to say that action director of the film has contributed the most to the script. Performances in this film of different actors are so diametrically opposite to each other that it is clear they have no foundation of a basic storyline and everyone is making their individual films with in this one. It is tiring for the eyes to see that cinema could reach to this low for money or some other reason. Overall no one should watch this film.

Tagaru movie review

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  • No wonder there are increasing number of reviewers now adays. You made it look so easy with this review. Just login and type some words and you are done.
    This review says how much you know about films. Never seen such a vague review in my life.
    You are good to write about where bollywood-couples-celebrating-valentines-day. Thats your area and film is seriuos business which needs maturity.

    Film is always not about story. Get that right first. Its not the review that is annoying rather the way you see.
    A Film is attached to so many values, like culture,emotions,nativity and others apart from regular so called storyline.
    Many would like a movie just for its Screenplay or Music. Many can relate the movie and receive it well coz it has the nativity in it.
    Many would like a movie coz it meet their expectation. So learn to know who has acted, who has directed the movie, whats his strength, what is he good at,
    what was the expectation from fans. When you review a movie from all these angles then it makes sense, else its non sense.

    Better luck for your next review.

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