Taapsee Pannu as Audrey Hepburn in Karthik Srinivasan Calendar

Taapsee Pannu as Audrey Hepburn in Karthik Srinivasan Calendar

Karthik Srinivasan’s annual calendar finally launched by the name of ‘Once Upon A Time 2018’ and many actors from south Indian cinema are involved. This time Karthik took the theme as classic Hollywood female actors and prolific Taapsee Pannu is casted as Audrey Hepburn though she looks absolutely nothing like her and not even after the shoot. Karthik’s calendar is like Ratnani of south but he is not as good as him though. More than the picture of Taapsee it’s the background of the film also which showcases wild wild west in all it’s glory.

The color of Taapsee’s skin is manipulated with the worst hand in photoshop and lighting in order to make her fair and effort was to make her as white as Audrey herself but that is borderline unethical and largely insulting. One who is confident in her skin will act and shall not change the entire tonality which is not true to the original nature of person. Taapsee is almost advertising the fact fairer is better, if one is a fan and giving tribute to Audrey’s legacy than you don’t have to necessarily look like her because it is just not human.

To showcase that fairer is better is the biggest problem with white and brown people while black people have adapted very well to their identity which is why a Viola Davis would not manipulate the color of her skin in order to give tribute to the actress she likes. Taapsee could not resist herself clearly as it is some kind of prestige to show up in Karthik Srinivasan’s calendar, which is alright but should not be done on the cost of promoting a wrong ideology amongst the people who may or may not follow her distinctly. Taapsee has her next film release by the name of Dil Junglee with Saqib Saleem.

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