Surya Grahan 2017: sutak timing, puja vidhi, effect, mantra during Solar eclipse in India

Surya Grahan 2017: sutak timing, puja vidhi, effect, mantra during Solar eclipse in India
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Surya Grahan a complete is scheduled to take place today, 21st August, all over the North America and it will start around 1 pm EDT(which is around 10:30 pm IST) and US  Space agency NASA will have a live video stream from the locations across the country and beyond. A Surya Grahan can be defined as a situation when the moon completely covers the sun, but this time there is some specialty about it as it is taking place across the United States and so people will actually be able to view it this time.

According to NASA, the live stream will commence at 1 pm EDT or around 9:50 PST on August 21 and it will be around 10:30 pm in India. The Surya Grahan will take place at the time being mentioned and NASA will also have a live video stream for the same. The space agency will also capture the images before, after and during the event with the help of 11 spacecraft and atleast three NASA aircraft as well as over 50 high-altitude balloons will be engaged during the time. The astronauts on the ISS, International Space Station will contribute in with their pictures directly from the event. NASA will also have live streams on their Facebook, Twitter, Twitch TV and YouTube page. As the Surya Grahan will not be visible in India, so the best option for the people of India is to watch it on NASA’s live stream.

As per NASA instructions, people should not look directly at the sun’s ray during the event and those who will be viewing the partial Surya grahan need to wear the special glasses at all times. The next surya grahan will be seen in the year 2019 in South African Chile and Argentina. During this time of Surya Grahan, people should spend time in meditating on their Istha devata along with chanting the mantra of the ishta devata. People can also chant gayatri mantra or maha mritunjaya mantra.

Surya Grahan in India Sutak Timing 

During this time Sutak is generally observed 12 hours before the midnight which mean that the Sutak will be followed from 12 noon of 21st August. Although, in India it will be night during the grahan and so there will be no effect of this in India. There are three types of Solar eclipse, firstly, Total solar eclipse, Partial Solar Eclipse and Annular Solar Eclipse.

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