Super Singh Box Office Collection soars to 8.70 crore on Day 6

Super Singh Box Office Collection soars to 8.70 crore on Day 6
Written by Karu Cheema

Super Singh movie made a splendid Box Office Collection, with 8.70 crore on 6th day. Diljit Dosanjh’s avatar as a hero in Super Singh movie has been appreciated by majority of audience. Super Singh success has proved once again , Punjab’s cinematic trend is gradually moving towards new experiments and innovations.

Famous Entertainment Industry trade analyst, Taran Adarsh, through a public tweet provided following day wise collection figures for Super Singh Movie.

Fri 1.80 cr Sat 2.05 cr  Sun 1.90 cr  Mon 1.10 cr  Tue 95 lakhs Wed 90 lakhs

Weekends have been special for Box office collection of Super Singh movie , with Diljit’s fan rushing to theaters during saturday and sunday. Diljit’s simple image along with his super hero rollover avatar has amalgamated week with the audience.

Super Singh (starring Diljit Dosanjh) Story Line

Diljit is a simple guy who migrated to Canada and belongs to a small village in Punjab. During a robbery attempt against him while traveling, he realizes his super powers in trying to save himself from the robbery. Movie is about honesty and use of Diljit’s super powers for the greater good.

Super Singh (starring Diljit Dosanjh) Trailer

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