Sunny Leone’s web series biopic will feature on this day

Sunny Leone’s web series biopic will feature on this day
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Karenjit Kaur- The Untold story of Sunny Leone is an upcoming docu drama biopic web series on the life and times of Sunny. Sunny was popularly knows as an adult film star for many years till she gave up the profession and started working in Hindi film industry. She did not really act as much as she danced in item numbers and did seductive roles but in legit feature films. Mother of three is now sharing her story with the world though there is a biopic on her in a documentarish way available on Netflix by the title of ‘Mostly Sunny’.

Since it is a docu drama, she will be in front of the camera narrating her story but a girl name Rysa X will play the footage of her childhood. Sunny has been in front of the camera for most of her life hence there are ample amount of visual evidences of her journey hence they won’t have to cast a lot of people to play her at different stages of life. There must be lacking footage of her very childhood hence they would be recreating it with a young actor.

There are as many critics as followers of Sunny but no one can deny that it is a fascinating life already. She comes from a religious Punjabi family in Canada and somehow became a pornstar only to give it up one day and consider a whole new line of career in an industry which is ruthless by design called cinema. She is one of the top earning stars today in the country and is doing the films in different Indian languages as well. She does not even know Hindi on par but managed to create a whole career with ample amount of fans to support her work regardless.

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