Sunny Leone posts a heartwarming message for daughter post Asifa case

Sunny Leone posts a heartwarming message for daughter post Asifa case
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Sunny Leone took to social media and a shared a very emotional post regarding her daughter’s future and show would she like it to be. Asifa rape case has caused a stir in the nation not only because of the unpardonable crime committed to an eight year old but also due to the negligence of those who have sworn to protect the nation. First time in the history of free world has the case been reported where the members of ruling party of the country are doing everything in their power openly to make sure that they defend the accused.

Entire world media is practically baffled by this aspect of India as it has gone worse than any Syria or Afghanistan. In the wake of this tragedy Sunny posted the message with a picture of her daughter that she promises to protect her daughter with her life and would make sure that no bad deed is committed to a child. Both cases in Kathua and Jammu Kashmir ave shocked the nation not only because two earnest children had to go through hell for no fault of their own but the attitude of ministers who are passing ridiculous demeaning comments every day.

Whole world has finally opened to this heaping mess of a country called India which would do anything at all in the name of religion. Those children had to go through deeds for which they don’t have names in civilization and punishments strong enough in the law. Police and media are debating on the most open and shut case ever and also finding it hard to come on the conclusion. Even in a place like Afghanistan there is a group of people called terrorists beheading people out in the open but in India that job is cleared out nicely by the government itself.

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