Sunny Leone and her Husband Daniel Weber Adopts a Baby Girl

Sunny Leone and her Husband Daniel Weber Adopts a Baby Girl
Written by Ravleen Chawla

Sunny Leone and her hubby Daniel Weber have been married more than six years but did not have a baby until now. Today couple has adopted a baby girl from Latur in Maharashtra named Nisha. Previously it was rumoured that she might be pregnant, but those reports were shortly shorn off by the actress. It seems Sunny was truly keen to begin a family. Given the fact that work commitments and schedules did not allow her to have a biological child, she decided to adopt.

Nisha actually means the Hindu Goddess of Night. Being a Punjabi, Sunny forever wanted to carry on the middle name Kaur or Singh. Sunny’s official name is Karenjit Kaur. So they were giving her the new name Nisha Kaur Weber. The everytime busy couple is also taking turns to familiarise their lives as per Nisha now. In fact, Sunny’s schedule was filled until the end of this year, and the duo didn’t make out till the very last minute that they would be receiving a call from the orphanage concerning the adoption.

Daniel conversed “We applied approximately two years ago when we visited an orphanage. Those people are doing incredible work. But we thought it would be great to help out. Of course, you desire to assist them all but you can’t. Perhaps, one by one, and that’s how things may begin.” He further supposed “Never in my existence did I imagine that I desire to adopt a child. Populace doing such remarkable work at the orphanage changed my mind.”

Sunny Leone alleged that I don’t be familiar with concerning everybody else, but for both of us, it did not matter even for a second as it was our kid or she not being our biological teen. For us, it was concerning starting a family.

Adopting kids was a huge disgrace back then, which came with a lot of unnecessary questions. But numerous Bollywood celebrities helped in bringing on a change in the society. Although celebrities counting Sushmita Sen and Raveena Tandon adopted kids and decided to be single mums when they are just 20 knowing that it comes with a lot of duties, there were many others who also pledged to offer several kids a better living.

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