Sukhwinder Singh to grace Rising Star to support contestans

Sukhwinder Singh to grace Rising Star to support contestans

Sukhwinder Singh, the legendary singer who has sung one of the most popular songs in Bollywood, will be gracing the stage of Rising Star tonight, to support the contestants for the Duels Ki Takkar competition. All the contestants who have been able to pass the previous stages with the help of votes from the audiences and judges will now sing against each other in a battle of duels. They will have to sing on the stage one by one, while the audience will vote and choose the victor. The person who gets the most votes from the audience and the judges will win.

Rising Superstar is the rare reality contest that takes place LIVE, which means that voting takes place simultaneously while the contestants are singing. This has proved to be a very popular gimmick, and the show has become very famous across India, as people wait to vote for their favorite performers during the show.

Rising Star is judged by, actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh, Monali Thakur and Shankar Mahadevan. They each also allocate fives points to the contestants, which helps them to break the wall that stands between them and the audiences while they’re singing.

Sukhwinder’s presences is surely going to be very popular among the audiences, as he has sung some of the classic songs that have defined the years of their release. He will also surely support the contestants as well as he can.

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