Sughamano Daveede movie review: Nothing special but still good

Sughamano Daveede movie review: Nothing special but still good

Sughamano Daveede, directed by Anup Chandran-Rajmohan and starring Bhagath Manuel, Chetan Lal,  Krishna Poojapura is the story of a guarding and his violent brother and their relationship with each other. It is a simple story that has been told many times, so that the audiences might be forgiven into thinking that its nothing new. But the director and actors still find out much to explore in the story of a rogue teenager and th man who tries to help him. There are maybe some scenes of violence that don’t sit right with the movies, since they’re the usual over the top scenes that don’t add much to the narrative than what he are already told.

Bhagath Manuel and Chetan Lal are very good in their respective characters, and find something new and potent in themselves to show to the world. Their scenes together are the best in the movie. Visually, the movie is good looking but isn’t overly pretty to disengage the viewers. The supporting cast is also quite good, and do their parts very well, lending credibility to the tale.

The movie isn’t something novel, and its ideas about violence aren’t that evolved, as evidenced by the action scenes. But, when it decides to be seriously poignant, that’s when it flies, as the characters become persons and we’re able to see that the movie has a life of its own, which can’t be said about most movies released these days. The movie is a really good effort.

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