Submergence movie review: Life size bizarre plot

Submergence movie review: Life size bizarre plot
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Submergence is a plain baffling plot to even think in the first place. It is based upon the novel of the same name which someone might enjoy after a long acid trip. One would have to agree that this is one of the most ambitious story woven together with a camera because cinema might not have the space in just about two hours to explore something so metaphorical. It is an important question that if communal viewing experience allows the mindset space of something so extraordinarily deep and bizarre that one point of time the audience just gives up.

Plot of the story is based upon the struggles of James Mcavoy in Africa as he is captured by the revolutionaries forced to rot in a jail with inhuman conditions. On the other hand the character of Alicia Vikander is going to have to take a submarine and go inside the deep abyss of arctic ocean. Now both of those struggles faced by this couple are somehow binded together and run parallel in a metaphorical juxtaposition. Even one of those plots is simply too complicated to put into a narrative but the director here has attempted two.

Story of the film is quite difficult to be put together in visuals though the challenge was not met with the excitement. James delivered a nuanced performance with immense detailing while Alicia was alright but the constant shift in narrative from one plot to another it disturbs the rhythm of performance. Director tried to bind them like two souls at different places which are feeling some kind of cosmic connection with in the universe but all of that is not exactly visual friendly to display at least in this film. One might have applauded the effort but result is not worth it. Overall one may watch it in the cinemas.

Submergence movie review

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