Srivalli Movie review: A Telugu Sci-Fi movie that is worth watching 

Srivalli Movie review: A Telugu Sci-Fi movie that is worth watching 

Srivalli is a Sci-fi movie which features Neha Hinge, Rajath Krishna and Rajeev Kanakala in the lead role portraying a prominent character in the movie. The movie has been directed bu Vijayendra Prasad and brings to the audience a new concept to enjoy for sure. It is a 2 hour and 10 minutes movie and has got good response from the audience and critics from the starting.

The movie revolves around the story of a Srivalli who is known to be a daughter of a scientist and is very much attached to her brother and the other thing school. Srivalli leaves for her higher studies and returns after years and after returning she sets up a trust along with her father of worth Rs 6000 just with the clear purpose of encouraging scientific research. But as it is said that fate always doesn’t support us and her father meets with a road accident and dies. After the death of her father, she gets involved in a brain-mapping experiment and which by her luck she heads towards success of the project. With this experiment one would be able to get the idea of our previous lives, which becomes interesting and dangerous at the same time.

The movie has attracted the attention of the people due to the director who is famous fro delivering wonderful movies. If we talk about the graphics of the movie, then they are not that special. The actors have manged to do well but among all, Srivalli did her best in the character. The movie is in theatres and worth watching for the Telugu viewers.


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