Sridevi’s dead body sent for embalming, know more about the procedure

Sridevi’s dead body sent for embalming, know more about the procedure

Iconic actress Sridevi’s body is scheduled to arrive in India in evening from Dubai. It was just released from the Hospital morgue and has been sent for the process of embalming after which it will be taken to the embalming centre where her body is going to be preserved from deterioration. Many don’t know what Embalming exactly means, but its a process through which the body parts are preserved from decomposing. It is an old age procedure, but these days, modern equipment and chemicals are used to ensure that the remains of the dead are intact.

Injects of various chemicals are pushed into the arteries of the dead, so that they slow down the process of decomposition by working as disinfectants. Excessive fluids in the body are then filtered out through the right jugular vein. A centrifugal pump is used to pump the chemicals in the body. The next process is cavity treatment, in which fluids from the Organs is pumped out of the body, by an incision cut above the navel, then a torcar is pushed into the cavity, and which pierces the organs, and then aspirator takes the fluid out of them. Hypodermic embalming is another way, in which chemicals are injected in the tissues through the syringes. Surface embalming is done by applying chemicals on the skin and is usually done for people who have suffered accidents.

Now that she is coming home, the most important thing is to mourn her death and stop speculating on the reasons of her demise, since the case has been closed and Boney Kapoor has been given a clean chit. The cause of Sridevi’s death,  according to the the tweet by Dubai Media Office, was accidental drowning following loss of consciousness.

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