Sridevi funeral Live: The iconic actress says goodbye, funeral process completed

Sridevi funeral Live: The iconic actress says goodbye, funeral process completed
Written by Abhishek Rana

Update: Sridevi’s funeral has been completed and the extraordinary actress’ body has been dissolved in the five elements of life. We just want to thank her for everything, for her cinema and being an extraordinary actress. She’ll always be remembered within the hearts of millions of people and keep lighting the screen as more people discover her work through the upcoming years.

Sridevi’s funeral has brought an enormous crowd together to mourn the ending moments of the ceremony. Arjun Kapoor and Boney Kapoor are in the process of completing the funeral process, after which Sridevi’s body will be cremated and she will be immortalized forever in the hearts of the people who have loved her throughout the five decades of her career. She has also recieved the highest government honor, as she had been granted a Padma shree. In a few moments, everything will be over and people will be left with the memory of the first female superstar of the nation, who, in a career spanning 300 movies, achieved something that even Bollywood actors haven’t been able to do.

Her performances in the movies like Sadma, Chandni, Chaalbaz, Judaai, Lamhe, English Vinglish and others have been inspiration for the current generation of actress’, and her mannerisms, and acting style has been copied by many of them in one way or another.

Soon, her journey will be over and her soul is going to join the gods, as the everyone else has gathered in Mumbai, from all across India, to be with her in some form or another, to give their tributes to a woman who changed the face of Indian cinema and did it based on her talent and extraordinary performances.

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