Sridevi death: Funeral scheduled for 1 pm, Let her rest in peace hashtag goes viral on Twitter

Sridevi death: Funeral scheduled for 1 pm, Let her rest in peace hashtag goes viral on Twitter

Sridevi’s remains will leave Dubai at 6 pm, as the embalming procedure has been completed. Her funeral has been scheduled for 1 PM tomorrow in Mumbai. Her body was embalmed at the Medical Fitness Centre in Muhaisanah, Dubai. Now, she’ll finally come back home and be cremated as she wanted, in white, her favorite color. The Chandni of Bollywood, hailed as the greatest actress of Indian cinema and often called the first female superstar or the female Amitabh Bachchan has had a career that spanned four languages, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu. She wasn’t just a Bollywood star, but someone who was admired around the world.

On twitter, the Let Her Rest In Peace hash tag has become viral and has been trending as response to the questionable coverage from the news channels. Last night, many celebrities and people had objected to the kind of shows that were being aired on the channels that were sensational in nature and an ethical violation on her privacy.

Her unforgettable work in Sadma, Chandni, Chalbaaz, Lamhe, Mr. India and recently in English Vinglish and Mom have been benchmarks that other actress’ have followed, not to mention her work in other languages, which is just as rich. Sridevi died by accidentally drowning in the bathtub of her hotel room in Dubai, following unconsciousness. Traces of alcohol had also been found in her blood. There was no foul play, according to the Dubai authorities and they have given a clean chit to Boney Kapoor. The reports of a heart attack have not been found in the notice by the authorities.

It is now time to mourn the loss of a legend and leave aside all the unnecessary speculations about her sudden and tragic death. There have been and always will be one Sridevi and as people across India prepare for her final journey, she should be remembered for her work and her gift of cinema.

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