Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4: Updates Akash won task and comes on the top

Splitsvilla 10 Episode 4: Updates Akash won task and comes on the top

Splitsvilla 10 episode 4 starts with Divya is not accepting the fact that Priyank will go to Oracle with someone else. As Divya believes Priyank is his love connection. And then the party began when Akash won over Hritu Zee pretty smoothly as compared to Sidharth. As Akash asked her to spend some quality time with him. Then next screen switches to the Nebedita and Priyank who really hit it off with each other. However, Nibedita clearly wanted to be with Priyank instead of Mohit. Whereas Priyank admitted that he is not interested in dating her and he doesn’t want to go to Oracle with Nibedita. Finally, the hosts of the show Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone appeared to the screen after the date of the contestants.

They asked Nibedita about the date where she griefed that Priyank doesn’t want to date her. After that Sunny asked Priyank that why did he clearly said no to Nibedita for a date, he replied that I don’t want to make my lady feel insecure and said he is loyal to Divya. Then before the voting round, Anmol chose Ripu as her connection, Hritu chose Akash as her connection and Nibedita immediately sent Priyank to the unsafe zone. And the voting began with Isha who votes against Anmol and Ripu. Akshata votes against Hritu and Akash and she also cites a personal reason behind it. Akash and Sidharth have an altercation, where Sidharth had an outburst saying “Don’t be a disgrace!” Which leads to a verbal battle between them. Sidharth voted against them. As per the more votes against Anmol and Ripu. Rannvijay decided that they won’t go ahead.

The Sunny announced that Anmol and Ripu have to decide that who will go to Oracle to decide if they are an ideal match or not. So, they chose Nibedita and Mohit to go to Oracle. And further Akash voted against Sidharth then Hritu mocked them saying they are stronger competitors compared to all of them. This led to hyper Priyank severing all bonds between his team and Akash and Hritu. Then Mohit and Nibedita walked to the Oracle and the conclusion came that they are not an ideal match.

Hritu and Akash broke down amidst another altercation with Siddharth after going back to the Villa. And Siddharth believes that everyone is now showing their true faces. The next day there was another quarrel in the entire group. Almost all of them contributed in that and Priyank was flaring and jumping with anger. Next day started with the next task named “Khayali Pulao”. Where Ranvijay explains all the contestant that they are supposed to draw out their fantasies and draw them on a slate. After everyone completed with their slate paintings, all the boys entered the scene once they stopped. Then they had to answer what the girls’ fantasy suggests of which only four of them will get to proceed further.

The revelation started where everyone found that Khushi had a cute fantasy. Siddharth seems happy to guessed Akshata’s right. Rapper Maddy managed to make a fool of himself. Everyone had fun while revealing the fantasies and playing this task. Mohit managed to guess Nibedita’s fantasy right. And Divya got jealous and everyone had a laugh that Priyank got Nibedia’s right, but not Divya’s. Then she explained how similar that painting is to their first date. Moreover, in the end, Akash had the highest points. The episode ends on the note that Akash was pretty cocky regarding his win.

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