Spielberg directorial ‘Ready player One’ opens massive on the box office

Spielberg directorial ‘Ready player One’ opens massive on the box office
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Steven Spielberg’s mega project ‘Ready Player One’ has been worth the hype and investment by the studio as it will out gross most films of last five years. Steven has a record of making three biggest blockbusters in the history of world cinema and Ready Player might not be able to compete with that record but it’s not doing too bad either. Film is looking towards a $170 million opening on the box office worldwide with maximum $75 millions coming from China and North America contributing to no more than $53 gigantic millions.

Film will have one of the top weekends of all time in Hollywood history and the collections would stay steady at the end of it as well because word of mouth is gorgeous. This is one holy grail of pop culture references which targets everything from Stanley Kubrick to Batman in the best possible way. Instead of aping, it pays tribute tot he classic popular culture of America which has driven the country’s economic value from the entertainment forefront which contributes massive amount of dollars into consideration and so will this film. Based on the novel of same name, critics around the world have given this one a thumbs up.

Spielberg has been making blockbusters all his life but he switched the gears a bit into more realistic films in the past decade and achieved great success there as well. His last big budget outing was in 2011 with The Adventures of Tintin and now he suddenly came up with this fantasy classic. Production house spent $150 million into just production with all the money riding on the back of content since there is no star in the film who could sell this kind of investment to people under the obligation of their fan following. Spielberg took a risk and it paid off, truly.

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