Spider-Man Homecoming Box Office Collection of Opening Weekend

Spider-Man Homecoming Box Office Collection of Opening Weekend
Written by Ria Maheshwari

Spider-Man homecoming banged the box-office by friendly-super-hero ‘Spider-Man’. The slated collection to date is $117 Million. Marvel Studios, Columbia Pictures, and Sony has achieved a huge win from the audience. The producers of the film said that everyone is thrilled with the return of spider man. The film is expected to get $257 Million in the coming days. Spider-Man Homecoming has been labeled as the best Marvel movies so far and the actor, Tom Holland is receiving love around the globe.

The collection is the overachiever from 4,348 locations. Spider-Man: Homecoming is the domestic and as well international success.The story where 15years old boy from high school who is to prove to be called as an Avenger. And trust me, he is being called as the superhero for Sony, Marvel and Columbia Pictures.
The film is ranked NO.1 in each 11th Asian market and across the region. The domestic total of $10.6 million came from the 392 Imax screens. The recent release of the international market is neck-to-neck this weekend. The top two movies, Marvel Pictures, Spider-Man Homecoming is heading to the Universal Studios, Despicable Me 3, which posted a collection of $298.4  Million as a  grand total, where Car3 earned $8.7 million extra this weekend. And Wonder women earned $745.8 Million as a grand total national and internationally. The performance is far better than the two Bollywood release i.e. Mom and  Guest Iin London, who earned 14 crores and 8 crores overall.

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