Sonam Kapoor supports Masaba Gupta for slamming internet trolls

Sonam Kapoor supports Masaba Gupta for slamming internet trolls
Written by Abhishek Rana

Masaba Mantena, the daughter of Nina Gupta, has spoken out about the trolling that she recieved after she tweeted in the favour of the firecracker ban in Delhi/NCR by Supreme Court. After reading the tweet, she recieved a lot of backlash after people began to attack her, calling her a bastard and an illegitimate child who had no right to tell people of India what to do. She has now released an open letter that denounced all the haters, telling that she is proud that she is the daughter of parents who come from two different countries and that she’s been called names since she was 10 years old and it doesn’t faze her one big now days. Actress Sonam Kapoor also showed her support for Mantena’s letter.

She also stated that she is unafraid of the trolls and they can keep bashing her, but it won’t make any difference to her. When celebrities talk about stuff that affects the general public because people think that they don’t have the right to speak about such topics because they can always leave for another country while the common people have to face all the consequences.

It is still brave of Mantena to publish the letter and be unapologetic about her views, even though it is bound to get more hate than support. It is usually the case with celebrity kids who’re born in a foreign country and are subjected to hatred in their homeland because the public doesn’t support them and looks down at their privilege. It is right that they should accept that they were born in a wealthy and famous family and that they’re now successful because of their family’s connection to the larger industry, but they shouldn’t be blamed for having opinions. Mantena isn’t wrong in voicing her own opinion because she stands up to what she believes is right and people shouldn’t hold it against her.

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