Noor movie review- Sonakshi Sinha is back with her dynamic looks

Noor movie review- Sonakshi Sinha is back with her dynamic looks
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Sonakshi Sinha’s new flick Noor in which she is seen in a journalistic avtaar is finally out today. Audiences were eagerly waiting for this movie as for the first time she would be seen in such a role where she is a journalist. After her awesome performance in Akira, she will be again seen in a dynamic role in this movie of her’s.

The story begins where Noor wants to shine a light on serious issues but is stuck being the torchbearer of mediocre puff pieces. Her childhood friend Saad (Gill) gives her pep-talks from the friendzone and her mentor (Chaudhary) reigns her in when she’s too enthusiastic about a new exposé. Even as she’s coming to terms with the hotness of her new boyfriend, Ayan (Kohli), her maid Malti (Tambe) brings a major organ-trade racket to her notice.

I’m unsure whether the film is knowing about Noor’s ineptitude at her job. When she lands an actual story—an organ harvesting racket carried out by a doctor working under a charitable trust—she conducts exactly one interview and immediately heads to office and demands that her editor puts the story on air. Yet even when this happens, the film is more concerned with Noor being cheated out of her story than the high probability that, had it been aired, the story would have invited scorn and possibly a lawsuit.

While an unconvincing portrait of a working journalist, Noor is still a fully realized character Sinha conveys Noor’s many frustrations that every journalist goes through in her professional life and specially at that time when their story is not put on air due to some nonsense pressures.

The Cast and crew of the movie includes :Purab Kohli, Shibani Dhandekar and stand-up comic Kanan Gill. According to the rumours book on which the film is based was a bestseller. Now the question arises whether the film directors will be able to give justice to the book or not? That would be clear when we watch the movie at our nearest movie theatres. Till then have a look at the trailer of the movie.

Many co-stars of Bollywood have also tweeted about her movie ‘Noor’. Lets have a look at the tweets:

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