Sniff Movie Review : Amole Gupte Sniff giving us the smelling powers

Sniff Movie Review : Amole Gupte Sniff giving us the smelling powers

The action adventure kids Bollywood movie, Sniff is finally in theaters today. The film which is focusing not only on kids but has a true connection with adults also. The film is the directorial work of Amole Gupte, who is the same man behind the kids-abstract movies like Stanley Ka Dabba, Hawa Hawai, and One Idiot. The story is taken to a different level by the kid actor, Sunny Gill, who has done outstanding work to make a film worth watching.

The plot of the film is about the eight-year-old kid, Sunny Gill, who has blocked nose, all the time, as a problem. Therefore, he lacks the sense of smell which is a major concern for father(Manmeet Singh) and grand mother (Surekha Sikri). But when he entered the chemistry lab, he ends with breaking a couple of goblets, which results in the gas unblock his nose and highness his smelling power. And there soon the fun starts. He can smell the sweets cooking in neighbor, class mates tiffins, a teacher stolen purse and much more.

Director-writer Amole Gupte, from years, is focusing on the kid’s oriented films and has been getting a great response. Under the banner of Trinity Pictures, the film has been produced by Jyoti Deshpande and Ajit Thakur, with the distributor Eros International. Yesterday the film had the premiere for the Bollywood celebrities like Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra, and his little son. And they seem to quite enjoy the film with their kids. So if you planning to go out with your family, then this film is a full entertainer for the weekend.

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